Saturday, January 26, 2013

Guess I am catching up ...  I came across something yesterday and I just couldn't wait till next week to share it!  I was so disappointed in my tea cups, so I tried my hand on coffee cups. I hope these will be a winner!  Every once in awhile I surprise myself ...  but I am tickled at the way these turned out and I hope you will be too! 

I found a template that I was not happy with, so with a few twists and turns, I came up with these beauties.  You can't see it, but this handle on the burgundy cup has a hole in it so it looks more like a handle.  I'd like to see if I can get these copyrighted or patient before I give out the instructions on how to make them.  Although it is pretty simple to figure out by looking at these. 
I plan on getting coffee sticks and packages of cookies to fill them with.  Let me know what you think of my new cups okay?  As as always, there are many devotionals to check into as well.  Just click on the 'Devotional' button on the left and it will take you to them. 
I hope you all have a blessed day!


Em's Thoughts said...

OMgoodness. I LOVE these. They are so cute. I gotta have the pattern so I make them for my girlfriends at church. They are adorable. You are so talented girl. <3 ya

Sherry said...

these are cute. I think we saw the same template and my daughter thought they were too small also, so she made them bigger too.

Sherry said...

these are cute. I think we saw the same template. my daughter thought they were too small too, so she made hers bogger also.

Jan Leslie said...

It may be the same template you are referring to Sherry, I made several changes to this template; As I did not want to copy or 'steal' someone elses template. I do like my changes. The fact they are small makes it easier to place goodies in it and make it a wonderful gift. I bet we are talking of the same template, how funny. Thank you so much for all of your comments... I love hearing from everyone.

Winnie said...

These are darling! What a great way to make gifts for people.

Gail said...

Jan - this is a great creation - a wonderful job.

Thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog today- I am also wondering what Prize you were referring to that I won. Thanks if you can let me know - here is my email

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