Saturday, December 8, 2012

Good Morning! 

I am a bit late this week with my postings.  I apologize for that.  It has been a wicked week, Wednesday I had to go in for a test on my gallbladder, and I don't mind telling you, I hate IVs!  I am not your normal patient, with the Lupus and the Fibromyalgia, those needle and tube sticks are like driving nails into me.  While I was laying there under this gigantic 'camera', it brought to mind what the Lord went through on the cross.  My IV was stuck in my wrist, while I moan and cried for almost two hours -- I silently prayed to Jesus thanking Him for the suffering he 'volunteered' to do for me.  You know folks, He did not have to die on that cross, he could have called a legion of angels to save Him; but we would all be lost with no way to salvation.  That is true love and committment from our Lord, don't you think?  Anyway, Thursday I was totally down, the throbbing and pain in my arm just would not go away, and in no shape for typing.  Friday it was better, and today it is almost gone. 

I am assuming everyone is getting ready for Christmas.  Shopping, Baking, and putting up decorations.  And for us card makers, it means sending out our very best wishes through custom made cards.  I use a lot of die cuts on my cards, glitter, gems -- just anything to make it special.  Of course the most special of all, is the message of Jesus' birth!

Here are some I have sent out:
2012/11/23/CHRISTMAS_MOONLIGHT_by_Precious_Kitty.JPG  2012/11/23/JESUS_IS_BORN_by_Precious_Kitty.JPG    2012/10/29/Kitty_Christmas_by_Precious_Kitty.JPG  2012/10/14/RED_BIRD_by_Precious_Kitty.JPG  2012/10/01/DSCF0008_by_Precious_Kitty.JPG

I hope I didn't overwhelm you all ...  In all I sent out approx 60 cards, so these are just a few of that stash.  We crafters at Splitcoaststampers, start our cards in January, and each month we have an amount of cards we have to get done, so by December 1st all of our cards are ready to ship out and bring smiles to our family and friend's faces. 

Christmas is only 2 weeks away!  Merry Christmas may your hearts be filled with joy, love and happiness for now and for the coming New Year!  God bless! 

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Em's Thoughts said...

Beautiful cards. I love them all. I need to start this month making some Christmas cards so that I won't be so hurried come November.